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Knowing Your Worth Through The Words Of Rodney Dangerfield

Growing up in the 1990’s you knew who Jonathan Brandis was. If you didn’t, then let me school you on him a little bit. He was like on a Jonas Brother, a Justin Bieber, a Channing Tatum level of hotness to us 12 year olds back in the day. He was on the cover of “Bop” and “Teen Beat” and was starring in such movies as “Ladybugs”, along side a comedian named Rodney Dangerfield.

As a kid I could have cared less about Rodney’s character as coach Chester Lee before I watched the movie. Now ,Chester is a pretty down on his luck kind of guy who is forced to coach a losing girls’ soccer team. He has to win the approval of his boss and all he ever wants is “some respect” (Dangerfield’s famous line while doing standup comedy). There was one particular scene that really caught my attention: Dangerfield’s character holds up a mirror to his face and repeats his mantra to his reflection, “I am Chester. I am great, I am wonderful! Everybody likes me!” It was supposed to be a funny scene but while I was watching it as a kid, that moment stood out to me the most and has been with me throughout my adult life.

Growing up, we all struggle with our self esteem and our self worth. It’s hard to believe the compliments we receive but we can so easily be turned down by the unkind words given to us. In a world where we respect more of what others think of us, we should really look at ourselves in the mirror and state all the qualities that make us great, wonderful and why we like ourselves.

Stating a daily mantra everyday to myself has slowly helped me become better at navigating this opinionated world. Everyone has an opinion about everything these days but it takes someone who knows themselves to shut out the negative as much as possible. You cant’ allow the opinions of others to affect you and define you as a person. No one deserves that power over you other than yourself.

Do yourself a favor and list at least 5 things that make you great/wonderful. After you have listed the five attributes/characteristics provide 1 to 2 examples of each. The more specific you are on how wonderful you are, you start to believe it and then treat others as you want to be treated. You can help create a world where we all can respect ourselves a little bit more everyday.

“I’m not stable?! I’m like a rock. I take these glasses off, you can’t tell the difference between me and a rock. I put these glasses on a rock. You know what jumps into most people’s minds?” – George COSTANZA, Seinfeld

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