Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 29: Just Keep Swimming

If I had to use a quote from a Disney movie it would be, “Just Keep Swimming”, by the infectiously annoying Dory from “Finding Nemo”. Yeah she was ridiculously forgetful and didn’t know where the hell she was the most of the time but she did know that she just needed to “keep on swimming”.

In life you’re going to go through many obstacles, you may even forget yourself at times and become lost. But you know you must keep on trekking along in life and not give up, even if you want to. Life will throw wrenches at you, even send you through a maze of optical illusions of fake friends and fake relationships. It may even test your strength to the point that you’re going to break. But you’ll going to come to realize that you need to keep on moving forward and focus on your goal. Dory knew she needed to help Marlon find Nemo and that was her whole focus throughout the movie. Even though she forgot who she was with and where she was half of the time, her end goal was to find Nemo. While she was trying to find him, she enjoyed her journey and saw the positive that was in any negative situation, unlike Marlon.

So be more like Dory and enjoy your journey, even if it gets rough and wild at times. If you just keep on swimming, you’ll eventually get to where you need to be. You got this booboo!

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