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A Beauty Review: Vacuum Pore Cleaner

The latest craze that has been hitting the market these past few years is our obsession with the vacuum pore cleaners. We nitpick at our pores and we squeeze them out on a daily basis. Some of us even obsess over watching a doctor performing the act closeup (gross, lol!). No matter what we do, our pores are always the same size and we end up trying to find anything that will help reduce them, even the so called miracle creams.

After much research reading and obsessing over my face, I have found out (surprise!) you can NOT reduce the size of your pores but you can reduce the APPEARANCE of them. Huh? So basically, you can trick yourself and other people that you have smaller pores using some form of optical illusion, even though you know they are exactly the same size as they were yesterday.

Nevertheless, I wanted to keep my pores clean and reduce breakouts. Anyone else experience acne more often now since you have reached your 40’s? Holy shit! I mean, I have always suffered from acne issues but now I have been getting them all over my chin (again, like I am 12 years old) and that is not a cute look. Especially when I am dropping my daughter off at school and people think I am the hormonal teenager instead of the hormonal adult. Lord help me when I see a mirror and all I want to do is pick at them. Anyways, I digress…

In order to keep my pores clean I researched some vacuum pore cleaners and settled on the Lonove brand. See the image below. This is not a paid advertisement but an honest review on how effective it is.

Let me first describe my skin. I feel people never really give an overview on how their skin is and everyone expects the same results; because as we know not everything works the same way for everyone. My skin is pretty thick and it gets tanned pretty easily (even with a load of sun screen everyday). I have a combination of dry and oily skin. The top layer is oily but if I wipe the oil away, it is extremely dry underneath the layer of oil and you can see my skin peeling quite easily. I have large pores, particularly around my nose, mouth and chin and these areas are prone to breakouts.

So, how effective is this vacuum pore cleaner? It’s actually pretty decent, but I do wish it was stronger. I think it’s because of the texture of my skin being thicker than others. The thinner your skin is, the more effective it will be getting out the hard to reach areas but overall, it works pretty well. And trust the reviews that indicate you must move the cleaner around and not leave in one spot or you will create a red mark that will last a long time! If you bruise easily, you might have a red mark on your face for a week like me. Start with the lowest setting first and then work your way to the highest depending on the area. I always start with my nose because well, the nose is where most of my problem pore areas lie. Then I work my way around my nose and then my chin. I do this for about 5 to 10 minutes. It leaves my face really clean but red. I advise you to never do this in the morning, but right after a nightly shower. Do not apply anything onto your face until after you are done with vacuuming your face (lol). Your pores will be open right after your shower and it is the best time to allow the suction to work really well. Follow that with your normal skin care routine.

Do I recommend this brand? Of course! If you’re obsessed with keeping your acne at bay and feeling and looking youthful like me, I say give it a chance. I can only review on this particular brand but it has not broken down on me as of yet. I have had it for about 3 months now and I use it about 3 times a week. It helps keep my pores clean and it has reduced the “appearance” of my large pores. So happy vacuuming to you all! – Peace and Love

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