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Where to Pee in NYC

Living in NYC is a trip, a literal trip. Whenever you are out walking and enjoying the nice weather, you have to urinate. Like, really bad. There are so many coffees you want to purchase and what if you just need to release all that coffee you just drank. Why would you want to buy anymore coffee? What if you’re pregnant and the baby is pushing on your bladder? You need to find a location quick before people think your water broke.

So living in NYC has made me aware of some pretty decent places that you can take a leak without having to suffer and purchase an overpriced coffee (sorry Starbucks fans).

  1. The BEST place to go is Bryant Park. There is someone cleaning all the time and it is absolutely spotless. There is a long line but the line can go pretty quick due to the attendant who is hustling everyone in and out of there as quickly as possible. This is my number one go to spot whenever I am in Midtown.
  2. Bed Bath and Beyond. There are several locations in the city but it is pretty decent in relation to cleanliness. It can get a bit messy but it is not as disgusting as going into a Micky D’s or some other fast food joint. There are more stalls available and the line goes pretty quickly.
  3. Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic. These are all sister stores, meaning they are under the same owner. In every store I have been to there has been a bathroom. The dirtiest is Old Navy and the cleanest is Banana Republic.
  4. Fairway. The worse is when you’re out grocery shopping and your little one exclaims they need to use the potty after you asked them before you headed out a kazillion times. There is always a bathroom located in their huge super market so definitely take a leak if you must before browsing the aisles.
  5. Target. Not only is Target a haven for unnecessary crap, they have bathrooms there too. Not too shabby either but don’t expect the 5 star experience as in Bryant Park.
  6. Marshalls/TJ Maxx: Not the best and definitely not the cleanest but it will do if you really need to go.
  7. Michael’s. This is a hit or miss. Sometimes their bathrooms are out of order, sometimes you can get lucky and sit on a potty to release the pressure.
  8. Penn Station: Avoid if you must.
  9. Port Authority: Gross
  10. Hudson Yards Mall: Good, clean and a long walk to get to. Opens at 10 a.m.

So this is my list. I will periodically update it if I ever hit the mother load on bathroom cleanliness and accessibility. If you are ever in NYC and need to really pee, just open up your Google Maps and type in one of these places so you can finally relieve yourself instead of having to buy a cup of coffee first. – Peace and Love all you bathroom seekers!

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