Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 26: There is more than enough to go around

Ohh competition is killer, killer of your spirit and will power. You get to the point, where you feel if you’re not winning or “on top of your game”, like quitting. But let me tell you this booboo, not everything is a competition and not everyone has to be “the best”. Sure, there are some games in life where there is only one winner. But you do not need to play that game with other aspects of your life. There is enough to go around for everyone.

Instead of trying to knock others down because we feel inferior, we should all cheer everyone else on their own unique journey. While we cheer them on, the interactions with them, will help enhance our own lives. We are getting much more of the same. If we try to hurt others, spread gossip and destroy others’ life purpose, guess what? We get that back in return too.

Remember, the Universe is infinite and that means all of our desires are achievable and attainable. We can have it all and so can others. Allow compassion and commitment for your passion and for others be your main goal. If you allow all the goodness to flow through you by being giving, you’ll receive everything that you have ever wanted to create for yourself. You got this!

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