Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love Letter #29

Zodiac zodiac can’t you see

I was made for you and you were made for me

both Earth signs destined to intertwine

for all the love of mankind

lingering in bed

kissing and sweating after all things said

Speaking truth about our dreams

becoming the ultimate future dream team

Venus and Saturn, the best of both worlds

I was made to be your compatible girl

Career oriented and family values too

Made to love every fucking inch of you

Cook you dinner and shower you with affection

We were made to love, we were made to destine

Your overprotectiveness and your strong willed nature

made me want to take you and mate with you forever

but as life and not the stars would have it

our love was to end, we had to quit

before we had the chance to fuck with it

Though time, space and people will always separate us

our love will pass on the lips of others

as another worldly dimension 

Thank God I found you

I hope to love you again

once we both get to heaven

The “Love Letters” Series will be a collection of poetry written for and about love. Please comment below if you’re enjoying my thoughts and words. Some of these poems can be read as “Spoken Word” or a “Rap Song” or with a “Taylor Swift” angst, lol. – Peace and Love

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