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My Magical Disney Experience

My daughter recently turned 5 years old and she has been pestering (lol) my husband and I to take her to Disney World since she was 3 years old. Damn Disney and their “magical” commercials enticing the wonder and excitement that lies in all our children. Pretty much making us parents groan and give into thousands of dollars that we are going to throw away while waiting in long lines, in the blistering heat and eating crappy food that we would need some ducolax right after.

So yeah, just like good parents that we so are, I booked the trip this past summer for the Fall (her birthday is at the end of September). Throughout the process of booking it, I was growing weary and stressed out about this supposedly magical experience, due to other parents telling me I needed to jump on things right away. Huh, what? Jump on things? Magical bands? Fast pass? Food plan? Dining experience? Shouldn’t this be a magical experience for the parents as well? Shouldn’t you want me to come back to your god-forsaken of a place not so stressed out? AND BROKE?

Nah, Disney, you had other plans. In the months leading up to our exciting adventure (cough cough) I was growing more anxious by the day. I just wanted things to go smoothly and I wanted my dear little one to have the time of her life. I booked the resorts and then the three rides that I was allowed per day through my Fast Pass. I even got reservations to dine with Mickey Mouse and the gang at Chef Mickey’s. I made sure our Magic Bands were at the hotel and I packed healthy snacks and laxative tea.

We landed in bright sunny Florida on a Thursday and it was blistering hot. Our room wasn’t ready but we decided to leave our bags with the bell hop and explore Magic Kingdom right away. The sights and sounds of the place was overwhelming to say the least and we were starving by the time we got there.

The search for food was on. But as luck would have it, our search for healthy options were non-existent. We scarfed down some hotdogs and we got to riding some of our rides. We were fortunate enough to not wait as long as I had anticipated and every ride was actually pretty decent. Except, for the ones that just go round and a round and a round. I don’t know about you, but they give me a headache and I just get a feeling of nausea after I ride on them. Does this happen at old age? The little ones always seems to get a kick out of it?

By the end of the day, my family and I were exhausted and we headed back to the hotel. My daughter was more excited being in the hotel room and quickly got on the bed to jump. She exclaimed that she wanted to stay there forever. Say what? Nah girl, we getting our money’s worth and doing this Disney shit for real.

So for the next few days we ventured out to Epcot, Hollywood Studios and back to Magic Kingdom. We took many pictures with her favorites such as Elsa, Anna, Vamperina, Daisy Duck, to name a few. We ate some crappy food and some decent at Epcot. We ate a lot of junk and I got extremely bloated. My daughter was extra gassy but was definitely having a good time. We bought a lot of pins to add to our necklace collection and we purchased souvenirs for people back home. We took in the fireworks at night and we surprised our baby with a gift from the Fairy God Mother that was delivered to our room on her birthday. She was truly mesmerized.

So would I go back? Hell to the no. Did I have a good time? Yes I did. I had a great time because my baby got to experience something that she truly wanted in her life. She manifested the crap out of Disney and experienced the magic throughout her trip. We not only had the pleasure of eating with Mickey and his friends but we were lucky enough to dine with Cinderella and Pooh’s gang too. She received everything she wanted and was appreciative of the experience itself.

I saw all the parents dressing up as Disney characters and adults celebrating their birthdays/anniversaries/weddings. I saw people who were truly happy and doing whatever the hell they wanted without shame or judgement. I saw the love and the excitement in their children’s eyes but I saw so much love from their parents as well. Gosh, what we do for our kids. We give them so much love everyday and we make this huge sacrifice to take them on the most magical journey. This experience is definitely priceless. It cost us a small fortune but I wouldn’t take any of it back.

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