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It’s Never “Okay” To Be A Mean Girl

Today is October 3, which is the official “Mean Girl” day and “we wear pink” and if you don’t, “you can’t sit with us”! Just Kidding! As much as I love the movie and the one liners, I can never condone that it is ever okay to be a mean girl, even if it’s to another mean girl.

Being “mean” is an act resulting from low self esteem. What one does is look at other people and judge them based on their own insecurities. Not only does it end up hurting others, but it just exacerbates the hatred and self-doubt that lies within the person who is doing the mean act. And who wants to be known as the “mean girl”? Who wants to be known as the bitchy bitch that everyone secretly hates but secretly wants to be too because she supposedly has power?

She doesn’t have any power. The only power that she has is in her thinking that she has the power. Her act of spreading hurt is aligned to what is in her heart: she’s hurting. The hurt is stemmed from whatever she’s experienced throughout her life and is now is in the position to hurt others. The true power lies in the kindness that can be potentially spread in the world.

If we stand up by being kind to others and treating them the way we would like to be treated, then we wouldn’t have so much chaos in this world. If we raised our children to be open minded and not filled with so much doubt and self-esteem issues, we could have more powerful people shifting our mind set. If we could just stop judging others based on the way they looked or even acted sometimes, we could be in the position to see people for who they truly our: their highest good.

If we are going to wear pink, it should represent unity and celebration, not to fit in or to fight against something. If we are going to judge, we should judge on how we see ourselves and then begin to look at ways we can improve ourselves by doing our best. If we are to be better people and raise better children (parents and non parents), we need to allow our children to be and grow up with love.

So yeah, it’s never okay to be a mean girl. It’s never okay to put anyone down and it’s never okay to push people around because we supposedly are better than someone else. No one is better than anyone and no one has the right to be treated like they are inferior to you. Be kind, the world needs more of it everyday. Imagine if we were a little less mean, even to ourselves, what a better world this place would be. – Peace and Love.

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