Love Letters (Poetry), Poetry

Love letter #21

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who’s the most fuckin obsessed with themselves of them all?

nitpicking, eyebrows tweezing, mustache waxing, misbelieving

can’t even sit still

to be a bit relaxing and be chill

picking at the biggest pores

examining with a magnifying glass as hors d’oeuvres

poking prodding

can’t get enough of these products advertising

the next youth serum

getting old sinks in – fearsome

delaying the process of a once desired face and body

hoping to retain a certain anatomy

it just keeps getting worse and worse

old age is a fucking curse

what can I do to keep my face and figure

like a JLo in a Versace dress 20 years later?

wait hold up, is it that self esteem that I am lacking

I better stop slacking and get to acting

like I am the shit

jump on this bandwagon like I am still lit

The “Love Letters” Series will be a collection of poetry written for and about love. Please comment below if you’re enjoying my thoughts and words. – Peace and Love

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