Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 22: Your Strength is Your Own Belief

There are times when you are down on your luck and feel like you can’t take it anymore. Booboo, you’re so much stronger than that. You have shown me what is it to persevere through the hard times, to smile when you’re sad and to find joy in the most despicable things. Trust and believe that you can get through this. Your body is just your physical form but your mind is your most powerful part of you.

I’ve seen your mind change things that were unchangeable. I have seen you manifest the most unlikeliest events. You are the strongest person that I know. You must believe this too in your darkest hour as much as you believe it in your lightest. You are the beacon of hope for yourself. You are the most amazing soul that I have ever met. You got this!

Love you forever,

Your Inner Strength

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