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Weekly Tarot Readings

I am a huge fan of tarot readings and I used to have my cards read every year. It got to the point that I would spend so much money that I wouldn’t have enough to eat or pay the rent. I soon realized that I could save money by buying my own deck and shuffle my own cards to read my “future”.

Most people assume that tarot reading involves predicting the future but there is more to it than that. Tarot is a mirror of your soul. It reads your energy and your energy defines your future. Similar to using the Law of Attraction to get what you want, tarot reading accesses your energy to determine what you’re going to conceive for the future. It takes the energy levels of your emotions and displays them into a specific layout. Each card represents different parts of your life but it all deals with your inner energy and your outer influences. You plus the tarot cards helps you determine your inner wisdom better known as your intuition.

Your inner energy (internalized energy) are represented by the reversal of the cards (upside down). They deal with internal struggles and strengths that you have or what you think about yourself. They are the energy held within ourselves that are more private and secretive. The right side up cards deals with external energy and ideas that are flowing through you and your relationships.

Tarot cards consists of the Major Arcana cards and the Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana cards deal with the cards numbered 0 through 21. The Major Arcana cards asks you to reflect on life’s lessons and themes that you are currently experiencing. They will set the scene or theme of the entire Tarot reading and the other cards will relate back to the core of the Major Arcana meaning. If many of the Major Arcana cards are reversed, then you need to pay closer to the life lessons that you are being taught and to not ignore them. You must first master the lessons before you are able to move on.

The Minor Arcana cards reflect the trials and tribulations that you are experiencing everyday. They offer insight into your everyday life, how they are affecting you and what you can do to fix the issues. There are four different suits: the Suit of Cups, the Suit of Pentacles, the suit of Swords, and the Suit of Wands. Each Suit contains 10 numbered cards and 4 Court Cards (Page, Knight, Queen and King). The Suit of Cups represents your feelings, emotions and your creativity. They represent your relationships and your emotions to them. The Suit of Pentacles represents your finances and work. They come up in financial readings. The Suit of Swords represents your thoughts, words and actions. They represent your communication skills and decision making skills. The Suit of Wands represents your energy. They represent your life purpose and spirituality.

When reading your cards be sure to use your intuition and to read the cards as a whole, after you have read them individually. There are many spreads you can use and many different ways to shuffle. Choose what is best for you. At times, you may ask a question but your cards will reflect a deeper question that you are trying to suppress. Your cards are very powerful and will always pick up on your energy level. Make sure to always use your cards when you are not too emotional. Give yourself some time to relax and focused before shuffling your cards.

Every day (or every other day) I will present a tarot card and its meaning to help guide you. Interpret it however you would like and relate it to whatever topic you are focusing on at the moment. The card will represent different things to different people. Use it to help guide you in making better decisions for yourself. -Peace and Love.

Read the first Weekly Tarot Reading Here.

Note: The interpretations will be taken from “The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Card Meanings” by Brigit Esselmont. This is NOT a paid advertisement but I have found this book to be hugely insightful and helpful in guiding me through any issues that I may have.

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