Being Magnetic, Manifesting Your Best Life

Speak Kind Words To Yourself

Most of our struggles lie internally. We overthink and over analyze conversations, interactions, and our feelings to the point of exhausting and at times, depression. We replay over and over again our negative interactions and our negative emotions until we just collapse in a sea of sorrow that has us gasping for air. We beat ourselves bloody with the thoughts and the words spewing inside of our minds where we eventually believe it and there is no way out until someone, ourselves throws a life raft to rescue us.

Our biggest critic is usually never from someone on the outside but lies within ourselves. In the beginning, we become excited when we think about things we would want to happen. However, that excitement begins to dwindle when we start questioning if we will ever get it and even if we deserve it. We begin to make excuses and about why it’s not happening and the excuses are always why we we aren’t good enough to deserve it. We beat ourselves down when things do not work out he way we would want or why something didn’t transpire the way we would have liked. We speak words of disgust and anger towards ourselves and we begin to justify why we do not merit the goodness that should be coming our way.

What leads us into this way of thinking? Why do we constantly berate ourselves to the point of exhausting and never allowing ourselves to just trust in ourselves and the Universe? Why can’t we let this go? You must look within yourself and learn to ground yourself immediately. Over thinking and over criticizing yourself will just cause you to spiral out of control, where you’ll just going to go through a loop of destruction. Is this how you should live? Shouldn’t you want to treat yourself with more kindness? Would you utter any of the negative words you thought about yourself to anyone that you cared about? If the answer is no, then you must make a change now.

Begin now to make a pact with yourself to speak words of kindness. Learn to take a breathe and stop over analyzing why things didn’t work out and tune into your feelings to the reactions of certain events. Before you start berating yourself, listen to your inner being and twitch off your negative emotions. Slowly start dimming your thoughts by visualizing a dial or a light switch and begin to lower it to the point that you are not thinking about the negative feelings. Once you practice this technique every time you feel a negative emotion overtaking you and before you start downplaying your talents, you begin to learn to control your self-destructive behavior. You start to appreciate and look at yourself in a different way and you learn to appreciate yourself a bit more.

Speak words of kindness to yourself daily, hourly if necessary. Become more confident in your body, in your life and in your views about life. Once you begin to speak words of love to yourself, you begin to feel better about yourself and good things start to manifest. Never forget that you are the creator of your Universe. You are the reason why you are here and you are the master manifestor of your life. – Peace and Love

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