Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 17: Don’t Stress About Stupid Shit

I know that person didn’t say “thank you” when you held the door for them. I know you accidentally spilled your coffee on your desk when you just sat down. I know you just heard that person on the street calling you “stupid”. Don’t stress about any of that shit because basically it’s just “shit”. You could either walk around it or step in it. What do you want to do? If you know it’s there, saw it coming (or didn’t at all), you can choose to either respond to it in a negative or positive way. Choose the latter booboo.

Stressing about stupid shit will just drive you crazy and life isn’t worth stressing over dumbass shit. Don’t even talk about to other people because that will just increase your stress levels even more. Learn to “brush your shoulders off” and keep it moving. The way you respond to little shitty things will help you deal with the other bigger shitty things. If you let little shitty things affect you, God help you child. So breathe, look at that shit in the eye, smile and walk around it. You got this!

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