Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 16: Stop Apologizing So Much!

Not everything you think you did wrong deserves an apology. Seriously booboo, stop letting yourself and others make you feel bad about making “mistakes”. You can’t be perfect nor should you ever want to be but over apologizing indicates that you’re so unsure of yourself. So what if you chose the wrong ice cream flavor, you do not need to apologize. Oh you accidentally turned off the television, no need for “sorry”. Oops, you warmed up that sauce a little too long, shit happens. Constantly saying “you’re sorry” for little mishaps here and there is huge indication that you’re not sure of where you stand with yourself.

Saying you’re sorry for every little thing is essentially apologizing for your existence to other people and ultimately yourself. This is undermining your self worth and it will ultimately affect how you manifest things in your life. You want to get to the point where you wouldn’t have to apologize for every single thing and start living a life that you would want everyday.

So booboo, take a deep breathe. Smile more and allow certain things to just slide. Don’t sweat the small stuff and move on to other things. Your existence is important and you were brought here to live your best life. Stop apologizing and start living! You got this!

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