Being Magnetic

Spreading Gossip Is a Reflection of a Lack of Self-Love

Connecting with people is important for our well-being and for our sense of belonging. We are always in search of people who will bring out the best in us and who we can open up with. We crave these interactions to stir up our emotions and thoughts with positive energy and creative influences.

We thrive when we are around like-minded individuals especially when we communicate with words of kindness. Our words of kindness can help repair a broken heart and it can heal a wounded soul. We have the power to change ourselves and the people who we interact with in a much greater way than we have ever known.

As you know, our words are especially powerful and profound on how we view ourselves, each other and the world around us. It can help uplift others and inspire the world for greater change. However, if our words our used to inflict pain among others just to fit in, it can cause a shift in our vibrational energy and create a world of jealousy and hate.

These words that are not filled with love and kindness is better known as “gossip”. When we speak ill of others, we are spreading the negative vibrational thoughts into the world that may not be even true about something or someone. We are causing others to form an opinion of another based on an idea that we perceive ourselves, which is purely judge-mental. We are shifting another person’s thoughts to blend with our own so we can feel connected with each other, but only on the basis of judgement. This is not the way to live and this is not the way to respond to others around us.

When we spread gossip, we are spreading how and what we feel about ourselves. When we cause other people’s views to turn negative on others, we are only creating a greater divide between who we are and who we are not. We are not aligned to our highest good and we are in a state of unknowing. The jealous words that create the chaos around us is only a reflection of how we view ourselves in order to fit in with the rest of the world. We are lost and we are hurt in not knowing ourselves and thus want to create disorder among other people.

In order to stop the negative flow of words, we must begin to love ourselves. When we begin to create self-love for ourselves we would feel no need to judge others and spread vicious lies about them. When we love ourselves we not only protect others, but we protect ourselves from other’s untrue words about us. We are kryptonite to any negative that comes our way and we become more aware of what we say about others.

Loving ourselves will create a sense of knowing what is true and what is not true about ourselves and we begin to treat others with kindness and respect. We choose words that highlight others by not tearing them down and we become less susceptible to other people’s jealous words of us. Choosing our words for the better good, helps us all to become better people. We become more aware of how we treat ourselves and how to treat the people who we interact with.

No one deserves vicious gossip to bring them down and no one deserves unkind and untrue words spread about them. We must all be vigilant in how we feel about ourselves and become more aware of how we view ourselves in order to bring peace among others through our actions and our words. – Peace and Love

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