Being Magnetic, Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 14: Gossip is a Catty Bitch

The one thing that I try to avoid is gossip but there are times where she just wants to pull me in. Most of the time I tend to avoid her and go about my merry way but there are times she can be such a bitch and won’t leave me alone. I end up getting sucked in and then I feel guilty that I hung out with her. I don’t like how she makes me feel and I don’t like how she makes others look and feel. She really is an awful catty bitch.

When I do avoid her, I am careful and am very open to other people. I take what people say with a grain of salt, particularly when they speak ill of others and I genuinely listen intently to people when they speak their truth. I am at peace with the world and I value all my interactions with people because I have created the life that I am presently living in.

When I am feeling low and criticizing myself, I always end up bumping into gossip. I just can’t help feel negative about myself and then I just end up attacking others. Gossip drives me towards people who thrive on this interaction and who live off talking about others, whether true or not. Gossip can be so vindictive, so miserable and just plain mean.

Gossip, please stay in your corner where you belong. I do not want to be around you and I do not want you involved in my life. I will not allow you to control my thoughts or feelings any longer. I will not allow your bitchiness to get the better of me and I will not allow you to hurt others. Gossip, die a slow and painful death and I hope to never see you again. – Deuces

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