Being Magnetic

Fear Versus Intuition

We are all built with a guidance system that helps us navigate through life. Most of us call this our intuition while others call it a gut reaction. Whatever it is that you call it, it is clearly helping you determine what is best for you and it reacts to how to feel about the world and about yourself. Your intuition is a culmination of your past beliefs and your desires that you have built over time. It comes to you instantly without thought or heavy decision making; it a quick response built from your life experiences and decisions that you have made along the way. It is your ultimate navigator in deciding what is best for you.

Now, you shouldn’t confuse fear with your intuition. There will be times when you will be frightened or fearful of a situation not because it wasn’t right for you but because you were terrified of taking a leap of faith; you were afraid of failure. You felt right about the situation and you were excited about it but then your mind began working on overdrive and the doubts started to set in. Whenever you feel “right” about a situation, that is your intuition telling you that this is what you have always manifested. Your “doubts” are just your fears and your over-working mind trying to convince you to give up on your aspirations. Trust that your intuition is helping you align with your greatest desires.

There will be times when your intuition will warn you of something that could occur that would be negative for you. If you immediately have a sense of something happening that you know will occur, then it is highly suggested that you do something else. For example, if you are waiting for the elevator and you have a strong sense that you shouldn’t take it but rather the stairs instead. Trust that your intuition is telling you to take the stairs. In this example you were not overthinking anything but you had an overwhelming sensation to do something else and it wasn’t based on fear but a strong pull to proceed in a different direction.

If your first thought is always of “fear”, then it is extremely important to examine where that comes from. Is this fear based on past experiences that have been embedded in your brain that you can’t take off? Are you in a constant state of negativity? Were you brought up being fearful and overly-cautious of things? Are you always reevaluating things over and over in your head thinking about every worse case scenario? Was your household full of negative interactions and now you are in a constant state of walking on broken glass? By examining what causes you fear and really reflecting on them, you can gradually get to the point where you are not basing every result on fear. The law of attraction will only attract things to you based on your feelings of situations. You can not expect the results to be positive if you are in a constant state of fear. You must learn to release your past burdens that have caused you to have such a fearful mentality.

Work on your fear daily by using mediation, a vision board, a journal, chanting rituals; anything you feel most comfortable with in getting your mind and feelings aligned. I highly recommend mediation, particularly guided meditation every day for at least 20 minutes. As someone who grew up with a very negative parent, I have learned that I can not allow my past to dictate how I view the world and allow my feelings to control my outcomes, particularly when it is always negative.

Trust that you have the tools to overcome any setbacks that you may have. Trust that you can cope and heal your fears. Trust that your intuition has your back throughout life and trust that you are the creator of your own life. One day, you will look back at all your accomplishments and you will thank yourself that you allowed your intuition to guide you and that you ignored all the fears you thought! – Peace and Love

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