Quick Thought Sessions

Quick Thought Session 11: Being beautiful is not about what you look like but how you feel about yourself

I’ve met some pretty amazing people who may not be “supermodel” beautiful but are no less beautiful than the women I have seen on magazine covers. This is also true about the men I have met in my life. The way people carry themselves and how they feel about themselves radiates an energy that is truly magnetic.

If a person lacks self esteem, you may walk right past them. But if a person holds their head up high and thinks they are “worth it”, people gravitate towards them, regardless of how they look. They just have “it”; that aura of self assuredness that most people spend a lifetime trying to get, not realizing that they already have it too.

Spend more time trying to heal your soul and less time about trying to wear the perfect outfit or achieving a six-pack. Yes, those things may be important, but being “sexy” is more about how you feel about yourself. If you appreciate all your flaws and “love the skin you’re in”, then there is no stopping you from captivating like minded people. But if you’re always looking at your body like it’s garbage, then you will continue to attract people who treat you as such.

You can’t expect others to fill a void in your life if you can’t fill it for yourself. Take the time to read, explore and learn about what you love about yourself. Appreciate everything that has been given to you by you before you were born. You were meant to achieve your highest good and your highest good involves you loving yourself. You got this!

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