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Quick Thought Session 8: Put down that donut booboo; eating your feelings won’t help you!

I just wrote a lengthy post about not filling your emptiness with physical negative things but I am going to make this one short and sweet for all the people who do not like to read (and don’t act like you read the New York Times on a daily basis <– insert eye roll).

So yeah short and sweet. So here it is: stop drowning your feelings by consuming physical shit that could harm you in the long run. Oh boy, you’re sad, depressed and feeling really eff’ed up, but that box of donuts that you just ate? Say hello to the toilet in a few hours. Those bottles of wine that you just “needed” to drink, your toilet will welcome your wine vomit too. That person you just used for mindless sex (or crazy sweaty sex), will make you feel guilty and then you’re going to start calling yourself some shameful names (that you do not deserve), those extra “vitamins” that you just swallowed, because you “couldn’t take it anymore”, will have you visiting Mr. Toilet once again or worse, the hospital (or somewhere else I will not dare mention).

Making yourself physically better short term will never get you anywhere long term booboo. Get some mental clarity and get your mind right. Write down the patterns you are exhibiting before and after the psychotic episodes of physical destruction. Understand your feelings and why and how you got there in the first place. Trust me on this, getting your mind right will do wonders for your body and will lead you to the right path on where you need to be! You got this!

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