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Quick Thought Session 6: Anger just clouds the issue

So you’re just mad as hell huh? Something or someone just pissed you off and all these emotions are raging inside of you. You’re beginning to turn into the Wicked Witch of the West and you’re dying to pour some water over your problems to make them go away. You start making irrational decisions such as deleting all accounts, stalking whoever it is that pissed you off on Instagram, yelling at random people, or treating the people you love like their your worst enemy.

Well booboo, take a huge deep breath. Close your eyes and shut off your mind for 5 to 10 minutes. Do this by using an imaginary light switch and slowly start dimming your anger until you there is no more light. Breath. In. Out. In. Out. Ask yourself, “why am I feeling this way?”, “how are my feelings affecting my choices?”, “are these feelings valid for me to react in such a psychopathic sort of way?”

Your answers will come to you and the anger will eventually subside (not entirely) but it will eventually give you more clarity. Rest assured that this moment of anger will decrease over time. The most important thing is to not to make any drastic decisions when you’re angry.

Your anger will cloud your judgement and the issue at hand. The issues will never get resolved if you allow your wicked anger to take over your once rational self. The issues will just generally spiral out of your control and whatever it is that you’re trying to resolve will never get resolved in the first place.

You first need to calm your ass down and really look within yourself by asking those above questions before you try to destroy yourself. Realign your brain and your emotions and make better decisions when you are feeling good. Do not respond to shit that pisses you off when you’re pissed off; that will just escalate the shit. Be calm, walk away if you must and then return when you have a better sense of who you are. Don’t fuck shit up because you’re a miserable fuck at a certain point in time. Calm your butthole down and then come back when you have more clarity. The more clarity you have, the better you will respond, and the better the Universe will respond to you. You got this booboo!

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