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Quick Thought Session 5: If you can’t get your own cheerleading squad, be your own cheerleader

It takes a village they say, but what if you can’t get a village? What if the village members consistently move away or are into their own things? What if they don’t want to create fire but you do? What if they aren’t feeling the stew that you’re cooking but you swear to the highest good that it’s the best shit you’ve ever tasted? What if the villagers simply don’t understand you and call you the town nutso? Do you simply just go into your cave and cry? Hell to the freakin no.

You know what you need to do? SELF MOTIVATE. Sure, they don’t want to make fire, it doesn’t mean you should feel cold. So what they don’t want your stew, your ass is hungry and you need to feed yourself. Yeah they call you crazy but they called Martin Luther King Jr, Mohammed Ali, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, to name a few, crazy. Crazy is what makes the world go round and it sure makes life a lot more interesting.

So what if you can’t get people to help cheer you on in life, sometimes you gotta take the reins of your own life and stir the way you want to and forget about everyone else. You have got to be your own cheerleader in your life first and foremost. If you depend on others to root for you, you may be highly disappointed from what you hear from others. Start believing in what you want and what you deserve in this life of yours. Don’t stop because others aren’t there for you. It’s not their job to be but its your job TO BE. So booboo, tighten up your boot straps, smile a bit more, pump up those pompoms and start chanting a cheer for yourself. You got this!

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