Being Magnetic, Poetry

Quick Thought Session 4: It’s not luck that brought you here but the love you have for yourself.

Giving credit to luck is such a foolish thing. Luck doesn’t just happen to people; it happens because of the people. No, I am not writing about people who are always “lucky” or “entitled” or “privileged”, but the people who consistently feel like they deserve it.

These people are no better than you and sure as hell do not deserve it more than you. But they have something that you lack: self-love and an undying to devotion to get whatever it is that they want. Switch your mind up and stop thinking that you do not deserve so and so. Stop allowing your self-doubts to control you from getting what you so rightfully deserve. Be the creator of whatever it is that you want.

If you want something, you must feel that you deserve it first and that you’ve earned it. Once you have that feeling of “entitlement” of feeling “lucky”, then it’s going to be yours eventually. Never let go of that feeling and never waver from it. Never stop loving yourself and never allow anyone to fuck up with how you feel about yourself. Everything you got or will receive depends on how much you love yourself. So love yourself a whole lot booboo, because you deserve it.

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