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Quick Thought Session 3: Stop wishing bad karma on someone

I used to love the saying, “what does around comes around”, or in other words, “bitch better watch out or you’ll get burn.” Dam boo, we need to stop being so harsh on people, wishing the devil would snatch them up and burn them for all eternity because we think they deserve to suffer.

What kind of energy and message are we sending out into the Universe when we are wishing evil onto others. Hmmm, that you’re a vindictive bitch? Or that you get off on people suffering? Yeah, I know, you’ve been hurt. You’ve been mistreated and you’ve been treated like trash. However, that doesn’t help your case if you’re wishing the same or worse to happen to them.

The best thing to do is wish them well, say “fuck off”, pick up your bags and live a peaceful magnificent life only thinking about YOU. When you think about you and your happiness, the world will work in your favor. When you’re constantly thinking about the person who’ve done you wrong, you’re only making yourself suffer and you’ll never amount to anything besides being a petty bitch. Stop being petty, stop being vengeful and start living the life that you deserve to live by focusing on the love and respect that you have for yourself.

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