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Quick Thought Session 2: You Are Worth It; He just Wasn’t Worthy

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Clueless” and the one line made by Tai that gets my heart every time is: If I’m too good for him, then why am I not with him?” Dam, my young self (and my old self at times) would replay that question over and over in my head. If I am so great and wonderful, then why doesn’t he want to be with me? Why isn’t he here right now professing his undying love for me? Why isn’t he here lying next to me, whispering sweet nothings in my ear?

Well, girl, let me tell you this: he wasn’t good enough for you. “Yeah right” you say. But it’s the truth; a hard pill to swallow but the Universe did you a favor when they threw that wrench in your life. It wasn’t that you weren’t good enough, because you were and are, it’s because he wasn’t the right person for you.

The Universe will bring you partners in your life that will help you grow and learn about yourself. It is helping you to find what you’re capable of and what you’re made of. It’s helping you bring yourself into alignment with someone who is WORTHY of being with you. Shit, things happen for a reason and that reason is simply because he wasn’t the one for you.

So pick up your sweet, beautiful head. Shed those tears and move the fuck on. Take what you have learned about yourself: what you deserve and how you should be treated and work on loving yourself more. The Universe will present to you a MAN who is worthy of EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER.

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