Being Magnetic, Poetry

Quick Thought Session 1: What would happen if you weren’t so scared?

Imagine if you could obtain anything you what in your life. Imagine a world where you can get everything that you want. What if you could obtain all of your deepest desires, if you weren’t so scared?

Fear is the one main component that holds us back. It disallows us from being and obtaining who we truly are. It disengages us from pursuing whatever we have wanted due to the fear of failure, disappointments and lost of things/people who we think are important. We fear so much about the unknown that we tend to stop in our tracks and we throw our dreams away to be never seen or heard from again.

Allowing fear to overtake us is a detriment to our energy growth and it is a detriment to our soul’s entire reason for existing. We are brought here on this Earth to fulfill our own true destiny. We must quiet the fear that is consciously present within our lives and learn that fear is the only thing that is holding us back.

Instead of allowing our fears to control us, let our deepest desires guide us to true enlightenment. Allow our needs and our wants to overtake any fear that we have to finally live the life that we all deserve to live. Quiet the fear NOW.

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