Being Magnetic

Find something that brings you joy and happiness in your life

Starting any new journey in life can be exhilarating but also frightening at the same time. It could leave you feeling exposed, vulnerable and hopeful for what life has to bring you. It could also leave you confused, frustrated and filled with so much self-doubt.

Lately I have been feeling like my path is swaying consistently. I am receiving suggestions from good people about what I could do with my life and every suggestion has gotten me excited for a few, but then when I attempt it, I feel depleted. For example, I was given the suggestion to create a teachers-pay-teachers account to upload my lessons and sell my content. I was initially excited so I ventured on my computer, created a username and began editing one lesson. While editing, I felt dread, complete and utter dread. It felt like a chore that I didn’t want to do but something I HAD to do. This feeling was something I had left behind once I resigned, or so I thought.

I tried editing that particularly lesson again when I was in a better mood, but that same feeling of dread came back to me. I wasn’t excited about the process and it certainly wasn’t bringing me joy. I was focusing on how much money I could generate with 14 years of lessons under my belt. But at what cost? My happiness again? I knew that I couldn’t do this and I knew that I couldn’t just chase the money to make my life “complete”. I knew that this wasn’t the path for me.

I realized that chasing money will not lead me to happiness. I couldn’t sacrifice my self-worth for material goods any longer and I knew that finding out what makes me happy will eventually bring me money later in life. As a person who has always valued money and status, this is a hard pill for me to swallow but I don’t want to feel empty inside anymore. I want to feel passion, joy, contentment and be at peace with what I am doing.

Try to find certain things in your life that actually bring you joy. Try not to chase money or material goods or you’ll be chasing them your whole entire life and you may not be satisfied with who you are. Find things that bring a smile on your face, be with people who want the best for you and who encourage you to be better than you were yesterday. Examine the world through a different lens and determine what is your life’s purpose. It may take a while and you will struggle but it will be worth it in the long run.

I realized that I want to do this, to write. I want to express my short comings with you and help inspire others to be their best selves. I want to live in harmony with my surroundings and be joyful most, if not all, of the time. I want to value experiences and people rather than material things and status. I want to inspire and travel the world and have rich conversations with people. I want to get to know who I am as a person and who my spirit is.

Who is your spirit? What is your passion? What makes you happy? What brings you joy? Let’s explore these questions together and let us be in this together! I know if we are all trying to achieve our best selves through connecting, we can achieve all great things. – Peace and Love.

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