Being Magnetic

Let Us Connect With Each Other On a Deeper Level

When you meet new people the first question they generally ask you is, “What do you do for a living?”, followed by, “Are you married?”, and then lastly, “Do you have any kids?” These are innocuous questions that can be easily answered and tends to draw people out from themselves to form conversations and hopefully proceed to more questions. They aren’t intrusive questions, but more a of a “getting to know you”, but I do wish we could ask other ones at times.

As a person who does not currently have a job, I am still at the point where I tell people that I am a teacher, which makes me feel a bit more comfortable than telling them “I just recently quit my miserable job”. But there are times where I just want to say, “I am on a different path in my life right now and I am hoping to find something that makes me happy.”

I wonder if we asked different questions initially, what would we discover about others and about ourselves? Would we be able to connect with people on a higher level than on a surface level with short and fleeting questions? Would we be able to get to know everyone’s souls and hopefully determine our soul’s purpose? Would we be less narcissist trying to up-one with everyone we meet? Would we be more present while listening to other people’s responses instead of figuring out how to answer them?

Starting this week, I am going to take the initiative and try to ask questions, to people that I first meet and to the people that I already know, non-surface level questions. I want to see what makes people tick and what makes them happy. I am sure the questions will throw them off and they would have to think more about their responses, or they may not know at all, which is perfectly fine by me. I would like them to start thinking about themselves on a spiritual level.

If we all take the time to ask thought provoking questions, we might spend less time comparing ourselves to one another and more time getting to know one another better. Instead of asking “what do you do for a living?”, let us ask, “what makes you smile everyday?” Instead of asking, “are you single?”, we can ask, “what do you love about your life at this current moment?” I want to get to know people and really see inside their souls. We all want to connect with others, but I feel like we are all just floating, drifting by with our lives, feeling disconnected.

Let us try to get connected with each other starting now. Throw away the superficial questions and let us dig deep into what makes a particular person tick. Ask questions that push each other’s minds, look people in the eye when listening, and actually listen to their responses without wanting to respond back. Let us be more connected with each other, love each other more and help each other grow to the best versions of ourselves.

I am so excited to be on this journey with you, getting to know you, and encouraging you to become your best self. It’s going to be such a magical experience when we open our eyes and hearts to the people around us. Hopefully, asking these thought provoking questions can make this world a better place. – Peace and Love

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