Being Magnetic

You must be brave. You must take risks and sometimes you must go against the grain.

As you go through life, meet people, interact with your surroundings and come into your own, you realize something significant: you’re different than everyone else. You may have the same features as your mother and father, you may like certain things that your siblings like and you may even share similar ideas. But you’ve always known you weren’t quite like everyone else.

You’ve tried to fit in, you’ve tried to agree with the set rules made by society, you’ve even tried following the path of least resistance from the outside physical world. But you’re unhappy. You know you want something different. You want things to change for yourself and you want to set out into the world knowing your purpose in this body that your spirit is inhabiting everyday.

You must be brave. You must take risks and sometimes you must go against the grain. There will be naysayers in the beginning (and along the way), some will even call you “crazy”, or your family may resort to calling you the “black sheep”. But you know, there is more to life than going to a job you dislike, being in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill you or holds you back, or just existing day in and day out following a settled path. You must choose a path that fits in with your energy and that makes you want to live each day with passion and integrity.

Be the “black sheep”; be the one who makes the necessary changes in your life to have a better existence no matter what others say about you. It takes someone like you to create a ripple effect and to help change the trajectory of your life to something more meaningful, and thus more meaningful for others. There will be people who may not understand your path, your decisions, or your views but it’s not their job to understand it or even accept it. It’s your job to know that your decisions are yours and that you are doing it for your highest good.

You can’t fit anyone else’s mold, not even your own mold of what you thought your life would be or should be. Our society has created a set of standards that we should live by, must live by, to feel like we are part of it, but the truth of the matter is that these rules were made by humans and not the actual energy of the Universe. Within our own spirits, we have our own set of energy and our own set of rules that we know we must follow to fulfill our own happiness. It is not a selfish act or thought, but it is one that comes from self-love. We have to learn to love ourselves and sometimes that means throwing out all the human rules that are placed upon us. Once we accept that these are man-made rules, we can live a more fulfilling life that encompasses love for oneself and others.

I hope you all take that leap of faith and learn to shed any limitations that are placed upon you. Learn to live for yourself first and foremost and do things that may be out of the ordinary for you, but that you know is best for you. I am sending love and light into the Universe so you are continuously supported on this journey. – Peace and Love

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