Being Magnetic

Once we heal ourselves, increase our intuition and create healthy habits, we start to notice that the world will change too.

There are times in your life that you may feel like the world is crashing all around you and there is no place for you to hide. Sometimes you may even feel like you’re unsure of what to do when chaos hits, whether minor or major, and you just want to run away from it all. But what if you can’t? What if you simply can’t run away from your problems and you just have to learn to face them?

How you face your problems is the key in sustaining an energy level that will be close to 100% of your alignment. First we must understand what energy is. Energy is the force that drives everything; it is a motivational force that allows us to do things and to get things done. There is energy in the physical world and the energy in the energy world. The energy in the physical world consists of what we see, hear, taste, touch and change. The energy in the energy world is not as obvious but it can be brought about on how we feel, our thoughts, our consciousness. Our job is to bring that non-physical part of ourselves into the real world. How do we do this?

We do this by first healing ourselves, increasing our intuition levels and creating better healthy habits for ourselves. When we work on these things we change the chaos around us and it becomes less and less; we manifest a world where there is less pain. Once we realize that we are all connected, we learn to make better decisions for ourselves and then learn to treat others with love and respect, and thus create a world that we would rather wish to live in.

Healing ourselves consists of identifying what causes you pain. Is it when you see someone hungry on the street? Is it when you feel like a failure? Whatever it may be, write it down and identify why this makes you feel the way that you do and then release it through meditation. Whatever is holding you back from where you need to be, must be identified and then released (for as long as it takes).

Increasing our intuition is essential in living a healthy lifestyle. We all inhabit this skill in identifying what does not feel right. If it doesn’t feel right, no matter what others tell you, trust your own gut. We tend to ignore our intuition, especially when others try to convince us that we are wrong, but in the end we realize that we were right all along. So if a situation, a person, an idea, etc, makes you feel uneasy – trust that feeling. Always stay in harmony with who you are and always steer clear of decisions that could leave you feeling depleted or used.

Creating better healthy habits will be a daily duty that we may have to relive over and over again to learn what is best for us. We do this by practicing everyday in making better decisions. It does not happen over night but you should be consciously aware of the decisions you do make and try to change any habits that you need to change gradually. I know for myself, that when I quit something cold turkey, it always backfires for me because I didn’t really want to do it, but I felt that I had to. I should not have the feeling of “having to” but a feeling of “wanting to” to allow my habits to change. We can create healthy habits by first focusing our mind, then our energy levels and then by taking action. We can achieve this by using meditation daily. If we choose to take action before our mind and our energy are aligned, then we will not be able to maintain our healthy habits we want.

Once we heal ourselves, increase our intuition and create healthy habits, we start to notice that the world will change too. What we put out into the Universe, we will generate back. Our healing powers are magnified and we end up treating people better because we have learned to treat ourselves better. We must learn that it starts with us. The healing can happen in the world as long as you are willing to heal yourself first. Once that is established we can change the world to be a better place that we all deserve. – Peace and Love

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