Being Magnetic

Don’t Waste Your Time Hating On Anyone And Don’t Waste Your Time Waiting On Anyone

There should be two rules to live by: 1) Never waste your time disliking someone for any reason and 2) Never waste your time on anyone who is wasting your own precious time. Such simple rules in life but the same ones we consistently struggle with day in and day out.

Being negative about someone and/or pointing out their flaws is a representation on how you feel about your own self. It’s a waste of time and a waste of your precious energy that could be used in something more productive such as manifesting what you desire. Be more productive of your time and try to elevate yourself to the point where other people and their accomplishments bring you happiness instead of resentment.

Your time is precious and waiting around for anyone to make up their mind about you is a waste of time. Think about it, when you really like someone and want to see them you’ll find time in your schedule to see them and be with them. If someone says they care about you but are not making any efforts to see you, then you really should evaluate if this person is supposed to be the one for you. Never allow anyone to waste your time when you could be with people who actually enjoy your company.

Use your time chasing your dreams, whatever it may be. Spend your time finding out what you love and what makes you happy. Find inspiration all around you and allow your passions to overtake your space. Spend time being a better version for yourself. Once you tune into your curiosities and your passions, the Universe will bring you people who are worthy of your time and appreciation. – Peace and Love

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