Being Magnetic

Know your worth, because once you do, no one can tell you that you’re worthless

People have constantly said this exact phrase to you many times, especially when you have made or will make questionable decisions in your life: know your worth. But what does it actually mean?

Self-Worth has been defined as having the ability to know ones own value and to see ones worth through self. To me, self-worth is self-discipline. Discipline has been generally associated with a negative connotation, depending on who you ask, but if you ask me it indicates self-love/self-worth. Discipline is having the ability to control what you want and what you do not want; what you allow and what you do not allow.

When you allow good things to happen , you are using self-worth/self-love but if you’re allowing negative things to happen, there is a lack of that. If you allow others to treat you in a way that could be disrespectful to your core, then your self-discipline has declined and thus, your self-worth is minimal. If you allow joyous moments to overtake you, knowing that it is good for you in the long term, that is self-love and self-discipline.

When you choose to make a decision that could adversely affect your life, say cheating on a test, you are not using self-discipline because the consequences could make you feel bad about yourself and eventually your self-worth plummets. When you decide to skip that third glass of wine, knowing full well that if you do not, you may have immense regret the following day and then you will continuously beat yourself up about it. Choose the path that will make you feel good, not in the moment but in the long term. That is self-love and that is self-worth.

The choices we make are hardly ever easy for us, especially the ones that are vastly different from what we usually choose. However, we must decide if something is worth it for own personal well-being and what is in our core as humans. Will sticking with a partner that makes you question yourself self-love? Is staying at a nonviable job good for your self-worth? Is choosing to stay out later than usual when you have to get up early in the morning, good for your well-being?

When you choose the better option for you, you are taking care of yourself and you are telling yourself that you’re worth fighting for in the long term. You feel love for yourself when you make decisions not based on instant gratification or co-dependency but on the knowledge and the feeling that you are worth more. When you practice self-discipline, you are indicating a great love for yourself that goes beyond the physical body but a greater metamorphosis of the mind: a higher vibrational frequency of allowing.

This higher frequency of allowing will help manifest people, situations, and circumstances in your life that will no longer make you feel worthless. Feeling worthless is a state of consciousness that overtakes our emotional control and our self-discipline is at the core of our emotional control. Once we have a grip on our self-discipline, our emotions stay in check and we are more in control in making better decisions for ourselves in the long term. We stop allowing situations and people to define us because we are in a constant state of elevation in our self-discipline.

So, know your worth. Know your limits. Know what is best for you and what is not best for you in the long run. Choose wisely in your decisions by practicing more self-love every day. You are not worthless. You are worthy of all the riches that the Universe has to offer. – Peace and Love

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