Being Magnetic

Wish The People Who Have Hurt You Well Because It Helps Heal Your Soul

You know that person who hurt you? You know that ex that just walked out of your life without an explanation? You know that boss who treated you like you were replaceable? You know that friend who used and abused you? WISH THEM ALL WELL.

It’s important to wish the people who have hurt you or who have disappointed you well in their lives. You know why? Because it’s the right thing to do. It helps heal your soul and does not allow you to be cynical or bitter. It opens your heart to the best possibilities that your life has to offer.

I have actually cringed when I hear people say, “he deserves what he gets in the future”, and I myself have said, “what goes around comes around”. Not to say I disagree with these statements but they hold so much resentment, not towards the other person but with yourself. You can not allow these feelings of indignation to stop you from having the best life possible for you. When you hold onto these feelings of hate and vengeance you only set yourself up for failure. You are only holding yourself back from what you need and deserve.

Allowing the feelings of resentment about how someone has treated you does not hurt them in anyway but only hurts your growth. Release the feelings of being scorned out into the Universe and live your life wishing everyone well. When you wish others well, the Universe understands that you’re not allowing those feelings to hold you back any longer and whatever you are needing will be brought forth much faster.

So what if things didn’t work out for you? Maybe they were not meant to happen. So what if that person cheated on you? The Universe did you a HUGE favor. So what you didn’t get that job? The Universe has a better job for you. So what if you missed a great opportunity? There are bigger ones for you out there. So what if that person wasn’t interested in you? The right person is just right around the corner.

Wish everyone well, brush your shoulders off and allow your positive mindset to take over you. The Universe is listening to your vibrations and it only brings you what you are giving out. So give out those well wishes to anyone and everyone because you are going to get exactly what you release. – Peace and Love

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