Being Magnetic

Cherish The People And Experiences That Brought You Immense Pain Because They Help You Develop Into A Stronger Version Of Yourself.

You’ve known many people who have come into your life; they have either made a small impact or a significant impact, no matter how much time they were in it. These are the same people who have brought you moments of joy and also feelings of sadness. They have taught you lessons that you may not have realized at the moment and they have possibly helped you grow up when you least expected it.

The people who have impacted your life in the past were there for many reasons beyond your understanding, but they were meant to be there for the time being. Some may even re-enter your life to remind you of the lessons that you still need to learn about yourself in either a positive or negative way. Cherish these people because they have helped you develop into a stronger version of yourself, even the ones who brought you immense pain.

Those painful moments in your life should be a growth process to determine how you deal with conflict in the future and how you view yourself as an individual. What did you learn from your experience? What did you allow or didn’t allow? Did you end up compromising a lot of yourself? Were you unfair in your choices and your decisions? Were you seeing more of a “lack” than of a “gratitude” mindset? Were you not honest with yourself or the other person? Did you not self-advocate enough as much as you should?

Take every situation and every person who has entered your life to evaluate what type of person you are and what type of person who you want to be. If you want to be a better version of yourself, then commit to making changes in your life that do not allow negative events to impact you or even come into assistance. If you want to continue on this process of feeling pain and worthless, then do not change at all and accept that this life is what you have chosen. However, I doubt anyone of us chooses to be unhappy just for the sake of being unhappy, so choose to change your mindset about yourself. Learn to grow from these experiences and limit any negative exposure that it may cause you by loving yourself a bit more everyday. Know your worth, because once you do, no one can tell you that you’re worthless. – Peace and Love

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