Being Magnetic

You’re Going To Land Your Ideal Job When You’re At Your Happiest

A friend of mine recently landed a job that they wanted the minute they read about it. This was not a fluke or a chance encounter but the Law of Attraction working its magic in my friend’s favor.

My friend and I actually decided to leave our current school at the same time and realized the environment was too toxic to stay. They were confused and lost about what to do with their lives and was at a cross road: to teach somewhere else or to look at a different career path. Knowing what I know about my friend, I challenged them to investigate what would make them the happiest.

Of course, with any new transition there were many difficult roads ahead: self-doubt, confusion, irritation and a sense of being “loss”. However, my friend and I got together a few times over the summer to help motivate each other and cheer each other on our individual quests for self fulfillment.

That self fulfillment became a reality when they landed the job that they had wanted. My friend had read about this amazing school in the city, took a chance and applied to it. They immediately received a call to come in for an interview. I asked my friend if this was a place they see themselves at. They simply said, “yes”. They then began to describe how amazing the school was and that the place appeared supportive . They really wanted to be there and they said it with such enthusiasm and happiness. Their tone was not one of desperation but of pure joy in visualizing their role there.

When you really want something, you’re at your highest level of consciousness because what flows through you is of joy and happiness. It is not a yearning for things to change or for things to be different, but a feeling that this is what life is all about: being joyful and connected. Imagine all that you can imagine about your dream job and think about it with feelings of wonder and satisfaction. Allow your positive feelings to overtake you and your self-confidence in obtaining it explode.

It is a truly magical feeling when you receive that phone call that you’ve been looking forward to. Imagine saying “yes” to whatever it is that you want and getting it in return. Imagine everything you wanted just lands on your lap when you’re at your happiest. The craziest thing is, immediately following them accepting their new role, they received other multiple offers.

I am incredibly happy and honored for my friend. Their success brings me so much joy and I only wish them the best at their new endeavors. Their joyous occasions are one of celebration that I will never turn down, downplay or criticize.

Everyone is on their own personal journey in obtaining whatever it is that they want. What do you want? Think about it, write it down and then release it. Trust in yourself and the Universe that you’re going to get exactly what you desire. – Peace and Love

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