Manifest The Partner That Deserves You

Sometime in the past I had generated a list of all the qualities I wanted in a partner. I didn’t realize that I had until I looked at old files that I had backed up onto my computer for safe keeping and thank goodness I had. There were 33 qualities on that list and I have to say, my partner meets all 33 of them.

I am imagining that I probably wrote this list in the early 2000s after multiple heartbreaks and tears and I was just tired and fed up with all the bullshit dating had to offer. I know it’s worse now with multiple dating apps and the dating scene being a bit cold. It was probably better when I was single but it still felt like a never-ending long line of jerks ready to break my heart. I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided that maybe writing what I wanted would help me manifest the partner that deserved to be with me. Examine the qualities below that I had written:

  1. Career Oriented
  2. No Kids
  3. No Baby Mother Drama
  4. Has a college degree
  5. Funny
  6. Good morals
  7. Wants kids
  8. Wants to get married
  9. Honest
  10. Respectful
  11. Manners
  12. Old fashion
  13. Talkative
  14. Friendly
  15. Sincere
  16. Outgoing
  17. Great Dancer
  18. Loves music especially HipHop and RnB and other types
  19. Fashionable
  20. Active
  21. Loves to Eat
  22. Cooks
  23. In Shape
  24. Likes to Stay fit
  25. Health Conscious
  26. Not egotistical
  27. Not Selfish
  28. Spiritual
  29. Listener
  30. Faithful a.k.a not a cheater
  31. Likes to Travel
  32. Not too materialistic
  33. Loves me for me

This was taken exactly from the list that I had written many moons ago before my partner entered my life. Every single one of these characteristics he meets and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I was not explicit in every thing but I wanted to list the qualities that I had found important. Of course he isn’t perfect; no one is but he genuinely cares about me and our well-being. I had manifested this man into my life and I have not realized it until I opened up this list a few days ago.

We can all manifest the ideal partner for ourselves. We don’t need to be so descriptive but we do need to list the qualities that we would like in a person. List the only things that make you happy and that you wish to see. Do not add anything that doesn’t agree with you or that you have to compromise with. If you added anything that causes you frustration, leave it out. The frustration is your indication that what you listed or described may not be aligned with who you are. Keep the list as positive simple as possible.

Once you have written your list, put it away somewhere. I placed it in a word document and have only recently discovered it. The Universe listened to my wants and my feelings of love for myself and my future mate and eventually presented him to me. I never thought about that list ever again and I went about my life enjoying my relationships and knowing that things would work out for me. Everything will work out for you also as long as you know you deserve it. Trust that the Universe is listening to you and trust that what ever that it is that you want is aligning with you right now. – Peace and Love

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