Being Magnetic

Fall In Love With Someone Who Is Willing To Take Care Of Your Soul

Love can be so fickle and confusing at times. You just want to be loved and accepted for who you are but what you are left with is a broken heart and an identity crises. During your time with whoever you have spent it with, you end up negotiating more of yourself and willing to compromise more of who you are to accommodate their personal needs. It pretty much leaves you feeling shitty once the relationship ends and you become bitter and begin to question why things didn’t work out, particularly about yourself.

This is where I begin to tell you that you matter more than you think you do. How you view yourself is how others will view you. If you allow others to take advantage of your kindness and ask you to change to accommodate their personal needs, they do not deserve to get to know you any further.

We are all selfish human beings but the good ones know not to take advantage of other people and their kindness. They know not to try to knock people down for their own benefit and they try their hardest to listen and understand one another. These are the kind of people you need and want in your life.

Choose people who are genuine and honest from the get-go and who won’t judge you or try to change any idiosyncrasies that you may have. The people who will accept you for you will be the exactly the people you need in your life because of how you feel about self. When you feel good about yourself the Universe will bring people into your world who will help you grow to the best of your ability. They help guide you and feed your soul with positivity.

When choosing a partner, make sure you are in alignment with your source energy. The Universe will bring you someone who will truly love you for you and help take care of your soul.

When someone takes care of your soul and helps you become a better version of yourself, many things are possible for the two of you. You can manifest so many great treasures together because you are aligned spiritually with each other. You can obtain anything that you want because each of your souls are being taken care of. What’s even great about it, is that when you’re hurting they know what to do to help you get back to being yourself.

So choose a partner wisely, choose someone who you are willing to communicate your needs with and who you are willing to go to the ends of the world with. Choose someone who loves you not on just a physical level but on a spiritual level; that when they look at you, they see your true unique self. Choose someone who is willing to love you and all of your flaws but would never give up on you. – Peace and Love

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