Being Magnetic

Good Shit Is Falling From The Sky

Imagine feeling so good that good shit starts coming your way from every direction possible. This is exactly what can happen when you’re at a state of blissfulness in your life. Now imagine you having that feeling everyday. Do you see how limitless your life could be?

Happiness is the key to obtaining whatever it is that you want. Happiness is the state of being content; having a sense of appreciation and gratitude for one’s life. Once you have that, there is no stopping you from getting whatever it is that you want.

Things just fall into place and many opportunities start coming your way. You begin to feel invincible about yourself and your world expands beyond your wildest dreams. Hold on tight to that feeling for as long as you can and begin your momentous climb up that mountain that you’ve always been trying to climb.

Use that energy force to apply for that dream job, or ask your crush on a date, or have a conversation with your boss about a raise, or simply decide that you want something better for your life. Just make sure that you are feeling good when you decide to make a big decision in your life because more great things are coming your way if you do.

These great gifts are from the Universe being brought to you by your positive energy flow. What you send out you will always receive back multiplied. So, hang onto that happiness feeling to push yourself forward in your life because so much good shit will be coming your way. – Peace and Love

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