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A Colored Hair Did My Mind Good

There will be times where I will be writing about my journey of reinventing myself or how the Law of Attraction brings you peace, love, and harmony. And there will be times where I will combine both. I thank you all for always being open-minded to my thoughts, my life and my self discovery.

Yesterday, I woke up having a strong urge to color my hair. I wanted to do something different for a while now and in the past week I had ordered a color from “Lime Crime” thinking I wanted to do the process myself. However, I had a change of heart because I trust a colorist more instead of my own two hands and vision that could end up being a “make it” or “break it” process.

So I went online, Googled a place relatively close (walking distance) to where I live and made an appointment. After arriving and speaking to the colorist, we decided that a lavender/purple color would look best on me. I was ecstatic but extremely nervous about the process. Here I was changing my whole head to an entirely different color, much less a color that I have never even considered before. It felt like a transformation and man oh man did I need one.

I know it’s just hair, but we all know “hair is not JUST hair”. It helps us represent who we are, what we are saying about ourselves and what we are saying to the world. I used to always experiment with my hair in college, to the point that my hair turned green (by accident!) once! I was a free-spirit, living life to the best of my ability and filled with much energy and light. I didn’t care what people thought about me and I celebrated in changing up my look often. Now almost reaching the 40 year old mark, I am also not wanting to give a shit what people think about me anymore either.

Since I quit teaching, I have felt a release of energy. A cage has been open and I am able to step out and feel the sunshine again. I am able to be who I was meant to be: happy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed teaching and loved my students, but being a teacher came with many responsibilities. I always had to be careful about what I said, how I looked and how I acted. There was an unspoken expectation you had to maintain as an educator and if you didn’t, you were severely judged by students, administrators and parents. It was a heavy burden to carry day in and day out and I became a different person than who I actually was.

I became a person who was rigid in her ways, critiqued every movement and word that was said to parents and students. I became withdrawn and immersed myself in my work and eventually my world became less creative and more about “getting things done”. I really repressed my authentic self for 14 years of my life, so changing my hair color was another step in my journey back to myself.

Since coloring my hair, I have been feeling more lighter and enjoying my life a bit more. I am becoming less stringent on what I “have to do” and more concerned with “what I want to do”. I am taking a bit more time for myself by being in the moment and enjoying my interactions with my family and friends. It feels so liberating sporting a new do and I advise anyone who has ever thought about to just do it.

Do what makes you happy, even if it’s scary. Do what you want, even when others say you shouldn’t. Do what inspires you everyday, even if you feel you do not have the tools. Do whatever your heart desires and you’ll feel good about living and not just about getting by. Once we get “happy”, all of our wishes will come true and I believe all of mine are manifesting right now as I type this. – Peace and Love

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