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What You Give Is What You Receive

“I was in here yesterday. You wouldn’t wait on me. You work on commission right? Big mistake. Big. Huge! I have to go shopping now”. – Vivian from the film Pretty Woman

This is such an iconic scene in a memorable movie, “Pretty Woman” because it showcased the ultimate form of revenge. If you’re not familiar with the film, I will give you a short synopsis about it.

“Pretty Woman” is a 1990 romantic comedy film starring Julia Roberts (Vivian) as a hooker and Richard Gere (Edward) as a wealthy business man. Richard Gere’s Edward offers Julia Robert’s Vivian $3,000 for a 6 day stay with him during his business trip in addition to a more suitable wardrobe for her.

During one of Edward’s business meetings, Vivian sets out on Rodeo Drive to shop for new attire. She attempts to shop at a boutique but is treated with disdain for the way she looks by the sales clerk. Due to Vivian’s social class, she is treated with disgust and is made to feel even more degraded by the lack of respect received from the sales clerk.

After exiting the store, Vivian heads back to the hotel and receives assistance from the hotel manager who helps her in obtaining people who can help her with her wardrobe. Here we hear the “Pretty Woman” theme song and the much appreciated montage of wardrobe changes. At the end of this favorite scene of mine, Vivian is seen reentering the original boutique where she was denied assistance.

The sales clerk does not recognize Vivian and is ready and willing to help assist due to her perceived notion of money and class. This is where Vivian just gives it to her: “I was in here yesterday. You wouldn’t wait on me. You work on commission right? Big mistake. Big. Huge! I have to go shopping now”.

This scene is such a powerful scene because it teaches us about how we should treat people. The sales clerk believed herself to be better than Vivian and treated her as such but Vivian proved to her that if she treated her well from the beginning she would have benefitted.

How we interact with people and how we view them is really important in helping us define who we are as people. Regardless of social class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or political views, we must always show respect. We should not feel we are better than anyone else because they differ from us due to any of the above reasons (or more). Our interactions with others define us as people and they help create an energy force that could change the world. Imagine if we all took the time to treat everyone with the respect and dignity that they deserved (because we all deserve that)? The world would be in a much better place.

The Universe is also creating while you are interacting with others based on your vibrational energy. What you give out is what you receive back ten folds. If you are given any opportunity to be kind, be kind. if you are speaking with someone, give them words of wisdom instead of criticism. If you are seeing someone who needs help, help. What you are doing now with your interactions with others, can create an unbelievable future for yourself and others. The Universe only creates the energy that you give out, so give out the love that people deserve from you.

You have so much to offer people with your kindness and the Universe will reward you back with the commission you have earned with your interactions with others.

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