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Confidence IS Your Super Power

Having male friends is a blessing as a female. They usually tell you like it is and they do not mince words; they are incredibly honest with you and can be very insightful. Especially when it comes to how they view the opposite sex.

Speaking to a very close friend of mine, who I have known since college (20 years), I wanted to inquire how he views the opposite sex and what makes any women “sexy”. He simply stated, “confidence”.

“Confidence?” I asked. “Yes, confidence . If a woman carries herself well by knowing her worth, she’s incredibly sexy to me,” was his response. “So it doesn’t matter what she looks like?” came my reply. “Looks can come into play but it’s not the main factor. You see a lot of beautiful women who doubt themselves and they lack the confidence. That I wouldn’t find attractive. But a woman who may not be a 10 in someone’s eyes, but exudes self-confidence. That’s the kind of woman I would be attracted to”, came his explanation. He may be ONE person, ONE male perspective but I do not find him incorrect on his views on confidence.

I think the same would go for males from a female’s perspective. I find strong, confident men sexy. Men who know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it. I enjoy a man who speaks his mind and is head strong in his interactions with others. I also admire my female friends who display a sense of bravado in whatever they do. But how do we get confident? How we get to that level of “sexiness” where others opinions of us do not matter?

Below are my secret tips on how to feel sexy at any age:

  1. Find a picture of yourself where you felt the MOST confident. Don’t look at with sadness but with admiration. Have that be your goal. Focus on how you FEEL and not exactly how you looked. Hold onto that feeling.
  2. Do a mini photoshoot. I am serious. Not even joking. Brush your hair, put on some makeup and get into your best cute outfit and take some photos. Take as many as you want. Delete them or create a secret folder labeled “sexy stash”. Look at them whenever you feel down or not “good enough”. If you’re brave, ask a friend to take photos of you and then you can play camera person after. You’ll have a good old time and memories to cherish.
  3. Practice Posing. I am camera hog and look decent in a lot of photos. It comes from practice. Figure out your best angle, your best pose. Use IT ALL THE TIME. Do not care if others comment that you always pose in a certain way. Just respond with, “I look good tho”, lol.
  4. Do something for yourself. Go to the salon, paint your toes, get your hair done, whatever. I am not into going to salons but will do little things for myself such as purchase a cute outfit online or paint my own nails at home. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy and not regretful.
  5. Find a feature about yourself that you love. You may focus so much on the things that you do not like about yourself but DO NOT. Focus on a feature that you actually do like and highlight it. For example, I think I have pretty nice natural plump lips, so I buy different shades of lipstick to enhance them. They make me 1000% more confident. Find a feature that makes you 1000% more confident and flaunt it.
  6. Spread Love. Confidence is also about spreading kindness around us. Whenever I see a beautiful woman on the street, I have to admire her by smiling at her. When I see my friends being happy and successful I give them praise and love. Being kind and loving is the truest form of being sexy.

What are some things that you do to become more confident? Comment below! I am looking forward to reading about your secrets to feeling sexy. Much love and sexiness!

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