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4 Reasons To Allow Anyone Back Into your Life

Reminiscing about the good old times could have you thinking about the past and wanting to reconnect with old friends and past lovers, but is it really worth pursuing? Is entering that realm really worth enhancing your present state? Do you think you can pursue better friendships with these individuals knowing what you knew about them back then?

I think for anyone to move forward in their life, the first part is forgiveness. You must forgive anyone who walked away from you previously or who has caused you any harm. It is not for their benefit but yours and yours only. Once you can accept the past and keep it behind you, then you can have an open heart to have any one reenter it.

However, there are many factors to consider before you allow anyone to affect your positive vibe because that is the only thing that should matter to you at this point. If you’re at a point in your life where the past was holding you back, I would not suggest reopening any doors that may unbalance your energy. Your energy must always be aligned to to who you are truly are.

Since this is a truly positive place of interactions and positive energy, I want to only examine the reasons why you should allow anyone back in. Please review the reasons below:

Reason Number 1: They apologize to you. This does not mean an actual apology but their actions show they are apologetic in the ways they have caused you harm. Hearing the words and doing the exact opposite is justification to walk away, but if their actions are genuine, then it’s important to allow people the benefit of the doubt.

Reason Number 2: Your energy stays the same. No matter who you’re with and what you’ve been through with this person, you still have the same energy with or without them. You are only allowing the good energy to flow between the two of you without any conflict or tension. You are at peace with them and are able to be your authentic self.

Reason Number 3: You’re happy. You are happy in spite of them and not because of them. Your interactions are positive and you are able to be yourself around them. If they consistently bring a smile to your face, then move forward with your friendship.

Reason Number 4: They enhance your life. If someone comes into your life and tries to help you in any way that you need, I think it’s important to allow them to help you. The Universe brought them back to help guide you along your path, as long as it remains positive. Embrace the positivity that the Universe is giving you, even if it was from the past, is very important to helping you grow.

Contemplating about allowing anyone who has caused you harm back into your life is a serious matter. Only allow people who are in a better place now and who can actually contribute positive energy into your world. If they do not meet any of these broad criteria, keep them forever locked up in the past. Your happiness is worth more than allowing “negative feelings” and “negative emotions” back into your life. – Peace and Love

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