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Conversations With My Child Part 1: Making Money Is Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Why not go to the bank, take out $100 and place it in my wallet (like Esther Hicks has suggested in her books through Abraham Hicks) and spend it mentally all day? Why not create a vision board with fake money and the amount of money that I desire? Why not make "getting money" easy?

Being Magnetic

Know your worth, because once you do, no one can tell you that you’re worthless

Self-Worth has been defined as having the ability to know ones own value and to see ones worth through self. To me, self-worth is self-discipline. Discipline has been generally associated with a negative connotation, depending on who you ask, but if you ask me it indicates self-love/self-worth. Discipline is having the ability to control what you want and what you do not want; what you allow and what you do not allow.

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Wish The People Who Have Hurt You Well Because It Helps Heal Your Soul

It's important to wish the people who have hurt you or who have disappointed you well in their lives. You know why? Because it's the right thing to do. It helps heal your soul and does not allow you to be cynical or bitter. It opens your heart to the best possibilities that your life has to offer.

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Cherish The People And Experiences That Brought You Immense Pain Because They Help You Develop Into A Stronger Version Of Yourself.

The people who have impacted your life in the past were there for many reasons beyond your understanding, but they were meant to be there for the time being. Some may even re-enter your life to remind you of the lessons that you still need to learn about yourself in either a positive or negative way. Cherish these people because they have helped you develop into a stronger version of yourself, even the ones who brought you immense pain.

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You’re Going To Land Your Ideal Job When You’re At Your Happiest

When you really want something, you're at your highest level of consciousness because what flows through you is of joy and happiness. It is not a yearning for things to change or for things to be different, but a feeling that this is what life is all about: being joyful and connected. Imagine all that you can imagine about your dream job and think about it with feelings of wonder and satisfaction. Allow your positive feelings to overtake you and your self-confidence to obtaining it explode.

Being Magnetic

Manifest The Partner That Deserves You

We can all manifest the ideal partner for ourselves. We don't need to be so descriptive but we do need to list the qualities that we would like in a person. List the only things that make you happy and that you wish to see. Do not add anything that doesn't agree with you or that you have to compromise with. If you added anything that causes you frustration, leave it out. The frustration is your indication that what you listed or described may not be aligned with who you are. Keep the list as positive as possible and simple.