Don’t Waste Your Time Hating On Anyone And Don’t Waste Your Time Waiting On Anyone

There should be two rules to live by: 1) Never waste your time disliking someone for any reason and 2) Never waste your time on anyone who is wasting your own precious time. Such simple rules in life but the same ones we consistently struggle with day in and day out.

Being negative about someone and/or pointing out their flaws is a representation on how you feel about your own self. It’s a waste of time and a waste of your precious energy that could be used in something more productive such as manifesting what you desire. Be more productive of your time and try to elevate yourself to the point where other people and their accomplishments bring you happiness instead of resentment.

Your time is precious and waiting around for anyone to make up their mind about you is a waste of time. Think about it, when you really like someone and want to see them you’ll find time in your schedule to see them and be with them. If someone says they care about you but are not making any efforts to see you, then you really should evaluate if this person is supposed to be the one for you. Never allow anyone to waste your time when you could be with people who actually enjoy your company.

Use your time chasing your dreams, whatever it may be. Spend your time finding out what you love and what makes you happy. Find inspiration all around you and allow your passions to overtake your space. Spend time being a better version for yourself. Once you tune into your curiosities and your passions, the Universe will bring you people who are worthy of your time and appreciation. – Peace and Love

Conversations With My Child Part 1: Making Money Is Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Children have such an innocent view on life and at times you may not take them seriously. You may take their innocuous interpretations as childish and immature but then there are times where they simply blow your mind away.

As I was making breakfast this morning, my child and I began talking about money and how I am not making any money anymore and what I needed to do to make some. She gave me some suggestions about going to the bank and getting some out, lol. She also suggested that I use a green piece of paper and draw dollar signs on them with the amount of money. I laughed at her suggestions immediately and brushed them off as childish thoughts. Then she told me that money should be easy to make and that is really isn’t difficult. In her exact words were, “mommy, making money is really easy. It is easy peasy lemon squeezy”.

My initial response was to tell her, “no that is not how life works. You need a job and you need to work hard to earn money.” However, I stopped at whatever I was doing and looked at this child in amazement. I thought about it for a few seconds and realized how so right she was.

This child, my beautiful inquisitive child, was using the Law of Attraction to manifest money for me and who am I to tell her she was wrong. She was totally, 100% correct. Why not go to the bank, take out $100 and place it in my wallet (like Esther Hicks has suggested in her books through Abraham Hicks) and spend it mentally all day? Why not create a vision board with fake money and the amount of money that I desire? Why not make “getting money” easy?

We’ve been taught that in order to gain money is to slave at some job or career for hours at a day, waiting for Friday to come and then eventually cashing our checks to satisfy our desires. We were taught that we had to work hard and that money did not flow to us naturally and that we needed to grind it out from 9 to 5. We were taught that there are people who have it easier than us and that is why they have more. We were taught that in order to have money we needed to have a certain degree, certain knowledge and certain skills to obtain vast riches. But damn, we have been taught wrong.

Money should be easy. Money should flow to us like the air we breathe. Money should come so naturally to us that it is just the way of life. Why should it be so difficult? Why should we have this old mindset that we need to work at a certain job for a certain number of hours to obtain a certain amount of money?

I think we all need to take a page out of children’s playbook on life. The innocence of a child can teach us so much on how our energy and the Law of Attraction works. Let’s all think like children and believe that it is “easy peasy lemon squeezy” to make anything happen. – Peace and Love

Know your worth, because once you do, no one can tell you that you’re worthless

People have constantly said this exact phrase to you many times, especially when you have made or will make questionable decisions in your life: know your worth. But what does it actually mean?

Self-Worth has been defined as having the ability to know ones own value and to see ones worth through self. To me, self-worth is self-discipline. Discipline has been generally associated with a negative connotation, depending on who you ask, but if you ask me it indicates self-love/self-worth. Discipline is having the ability to control what you want and what you do not want; what you allow and what you do not allow.

When you allow good things to happen , you are using self-worth/self-love but if you’re allowing negative things to happen, there is a lack of that. If you allow others to treat you in a way that could be disrespectful to your core, then your self-discipline has declined and thus, your self-worth is minimal. If you allow joyous moments to overtake you, knowing that it is good for you in the long term, that is self-love and self-discipline.

When you choose to make a decision that could adversely affect your life, say cheating on a test, you are not using self-discipline because the consequences could make you feel bad about yourself and eventually your self-worth plummets. When you decide to skip that third glass of wine, knowing full well that if you do not, you may have immense regret the following day and then you will continuously beat yourself up about it. Choose the path that will make you feel good, not in the moment but in the long term. That is self-love and that is self-worth.

The choices we make are hardly ever easy for us, especially the ones that are vastly different from what we usually choose. However, we must decide if something is worth it for own personal well-being and what is in our core as humans. Will sticking with a partner that makes you question yourself self-love? Is staying at a nonviable job good for your self-worth? Is choosing to stay out later than usual when you have to get up early in the morning, good for your well-being?

When you choose the better option for you, you are taking care of yourself and you are telling yourself that you’re worth fighting for in the long term. You feel love for yourself when you make decisions not based on instant gratification or co-dependency but on the knowledge and the feeling that you are worth more. When you practice self-discipline, you are indicating a great love for yourself that goes beyond the physical body but a greater metamorphosis of the mind: a higher vibrational frequency of allowing.

This higher frequency of allowing will help manifest people, situations, and circumstances in your life that will no longer make you feel worthless. Feeling worthless is a state of consciousness that overtakes our emotional control and our self-discipline is at the core of our emotional control. Once we have a grip on our self-discipline, our emotions stay in check and we are more in control in making better decisions for ourselves in the long term. We stop allowing situations and people to define us because we are in a constant state of elevation in our self-discipline.

So, know your worth. Know your limits. Know what is best for you and what is not best for you in the long run. Choose wisely in your decisions by practicing more self-love every day. You are not worthless. You are worthy of all the riches that the Universe has to offer. – Peace and Love

Wish The People Who Have Hurt You Well Because It Helps Heal Your Soul

You know that person who hurt you? You know that ex that just walked out of your life without an explanation? You know that boss who treated you like you were replaceable? You know that friend who used and abused you? WISH THEM ALL WELL.

It’s important to wish the people who have hurt you or who have disappointed you well in their lives. You know why? Because it’s the right thing to do. It helps heal your soul and does not allow you to be cynical or bitter. It opens your heart to the best possibilities that your life has to offer.

I have actually cringed when I hear people say, “he deserves what he gets in the future”, and I myself have said, “what goes around comes around”. Not to say I disagree with these statements but they hold so much resentment, not towards the other person but with yourself. You can not allow these feelings of indignation to stop you from having the best life possible for you. When you hold onto these feelings of hate and vengeance you only set yourself up for failure. You are only holding yourself back from what you need and deserve.

Allowing the feelings of resentment about how someone has treated you does not hurt them in anyway but only hurts your growth. Release the feelings of being scorned out into the Universe and live your life wishing everyone well. When you wish others well, the Universe understands that you’re not allowing those feelings to hold you back any longer and whatever you are needing will be brought forth much faster.

So what if things didn’t work out for you? Maybe they were not meant to happen. So what if that person cheated on you? The Universe did you a HUGE favor. So what you didn’t get that job? The Universe has a better job for you. So what if you missed a great opportunity? There are bigger ones for you out there. So what if that person wasn’t interested in you? The right person is just right around the corner.

Wish everyone well, brush your shoulders off and allow your positive mindset to take over you. The Universe is listening to your vibrations and it only brings you what you are giving out. So give out those well wishes to anyone and everyone because you are going to get exactly what you release. – Peace and Love

Cherish The People And Experiences That Brought You Immense Pain Because They Help You Develop Into A Stronger Version Of Yourself.

You’ve known many people who have come into your life; they have either made a small impact or a significant impact, no matter how much time they were in it. These are the same people who have brought you moments of joy and also feelings of sadness. They have taught you lessons that you may not have realized at the moment and they have possibly helped you grow up when you least expected it.

The people who have impacted your life in the past were there for many reasons beyond your understanding, but they were meant to be there for the time being. Some may even re-enter your life to remind you of the lessons that you still need to learn about yourself in either a positive or negative way. Cherish these people because they have helped you develop into a stronger version of yourself, even the ones who brought you immense pain.

Those painful moments in your life should be a growth process to determine how you deal with conflict in the future and how you view yourself as an individual. What did you learn from your experience? What did you allow or didn’t allow? Did you end up compromising a lot of yourself? Were you unfair in your choices and your decisions? Were you seeing more of a “lack” than of a “gratitude” mindset? Were you not honest with yourself or the other person? Did you not self-advocate enough as much as you should?

Take every situation and every person who has entered your life to evaluate what type of person you are and what type of person who you want to be. If you want to be a better version of yourself, then commit to making changes in your life that do not allow negative events to impact you or even come into assistance. If you want to continue on this process of feeling pain and worthless, then do not change at all and accept that this life is what you have chosen. However, I doubt anyone of us chooses to be unhappy just for the sake of being unhappy, so choose to change your mindset about yourself. Learn to grow from these experiences and limit any negative exposure that it may cause you by loving yourself a bit more everyday. Know your worth, because once you do, no one can tell you that you’re worthless. – Peace and Love

You’re Going To Land Your Ideal Job When You’re At Your Happiest

A friend of mine recently landed a job that they wanted the minute they read about it. This was not a fluke or a chance encounter but the Law of Attraction working its magic in my friend’s favor.

My friend and I actually decided to leave our current school at the same time and realized the environment was too toxic to stay. They were confused and lost about what to do with their lives and was at a cross road: to teach somewhere else or to look at a different career path. Knowing what I know about my friend, I challenged them to investigate what would make them the happiest.

Of course, with any new transition there were many difficult roads ahead: self-doubt, confusion, irritation and a sense of being “loss”. However, my friend and I got together a few times over the summer to help motivate each other and cheer each other on our individual quests for self fulfillment.

That self fulfillment became a reality when they landed the job that they had wanted. My friend had read about this amazing school in the city, took a chance and applied to it. They immediately received a call to come in for an interview. I asked my friend if this was a place they see themselves at. They simply said, “yes”. They then began to describe how amazing the school was and that the place appeared supportive . They really wanted to be there and they said it with such enthusiasm and happiness. Their tone was not one of desperation but of pure joy in visualizing their role there.

When you really want something, you’re at your highest level of consciousness because what flows through you is of joy and happiness. It is not a yearning for things to change or for things to be different, but a feeling that this is what life is all about: being joyful and connected. Imagine all that you can imagine about your dream job and think about it with feelings of wonder and satisfaction. Allow your positive feelings to overtake you and your self-confidence in obtaining it explode.

It is a truly magical feeling when you receive that phone call that you’ve been looking forward to. Imagine saying “yes” to whatever it is that you want and getting it in return. Imagine everything you wanted just lands on your lap when you’re at your happiest. The craziest thing is, immediately following them accepting their new role, they received other multiple offers.

I am incredibly happy and honored for my friend. Their success brings me so much joy and I only wish them the best at their new endeavors. Their joyous occasions are one of celebration that I will never turn down, downplay or criticize.

Everyone is on their own personal journey in obtaining whatever it is that they want. What do you want? Think about it, write it down and then release it. Trust in yourself and the Universe that you’re going to get exactly what you desire. – Peace and Love

Manifest The Partner That Deserves You

Sometime in the past I had generated a list of all the qualities I wanted in a partner. I didn’t realize that I had until I looked at old files that I had backed up onto my computer for safe keeping and thank goodness I had. There were 33 qualities on that list and I have to say, my partner meets all 33 of them.

I am imagining that I probably wrote this list in the early 2000s after multiple heartbreaks and tears and I was just tired and fed up with all the bullshit dating had to offer. I know it’s worse now with multiple dating apps and the dating scene being a bit cold. It was probably better when I was single but it still felt like a never-ending long line of jerks ready to break my heart. I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided that maybe writing what I wanted would help me manifest the partner that deserved to be with me. Examine the qualities below that I had written:

  1. Career Oriented
  2. No Kids
  3. No Baby Mother Drama
  4. Has a college degree
  5. Funny
  6. Good morals
  7. Wants kids
  8. Wants to get married
  9. Honest
  10. Respectful
  11. Manners
  12. Old fashion
  13. Talkative
  14. Friendly
  15. Sincere
  16. Outgoing
  17. Great Dancer
  18. Loves music especially HipHop and RnB and other types
  19. Fashionable
  20. Active
  21. Loves to Eat
  22. Cooks
  23. In Shape
  24. Likes to Stay fit
  25. Health Conscious
  26. Not egotistical
  27. Not Selfish
  28. Spiritual
  29. Listener
  30. Faithful a.k.a not a cheater
  31. Likes to Travel
  32. Not too materialistic
  33. Loves me for me

This was taken exactly from the list that I had written many moons ago before my partner entered my life. Every single one of these characteristics he meets and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I was not explicit in every thing but I wanted to list the qualities that I had found important. Of course he isn’t perfect; no one is but he genuinely cares about me and our well-being. I had manifested this man into my life and I have not realized it until I opened up this list a few days ago.

We can all manifest the ideal partner for ourselves. We don’t need to be so descriptive but we do need to list the qualities that we would like in a person. List the only things that make you happy and that you wish to see. Do not add anything that doesn’t agree with you or that you have to compromise with. If you added anything that causes you frustration, leave it out. The frustration is your indication that what you listed or described may not be aligned with who you are. Keep the list as positive simple as possible.

Once you have written your list, put it away somewhere. I placed it in a word document and have only recently discovered it. The Universe listened to my wants and my feelings of love for myself and my future mate and eventually presented him to me. I never thought about that list ever again and I went about my life enjoying my relationships and knowing that things would work out for me. Everything will work out for you also as long as you know you deserve it. Trust that the Universe is listening to you and trust that what ever that it is that you want is aligning with you right now. – Peace and Love

Fall In Love With Someone Who Is Willing To Take Care Of Your Soul

Love can be so fickle and confusing at times. You just want to be loved and accepted for who you are but what you are left with is a broken heart and an identity crises. During your time with whoever you have spent it with, you end up negotiating more of yourself and willing to compromise more of who you are to accommodate their personal needs. It pretty much leaves you feeling shitty once the relationship ends and you become bitter and begin to question why things didn’t work out, particularly about yourself.

This is where I begin to tell you that you matter more than you think you do. How you view yourself is how others will view you. If you allow others to take advantage of your kindness and ask you to change to accommodate their personal needs, they do not deserve to get to know you any further.

We are all selfish human beings but the good ones know not to take advantage of other people and their kindness. They know not to try to knock people down for their own benefit and they try their hardest to listen and understand one another. These are the kind of people you need and want in your life.

Choose people who are genuine and honest from the get-go and who won’t judge you or try to change any idiosyncrasies that you may have. The people who will accept you for you will be the exactly the people you need in your life because of how you feel about self. When you feel good about yourself the Universe will bring people into your world who will help you grow to the best of your ability. They help guide you and feed your soul with positivity.

When choosing a partner, make sure you are in alignment with your source energy. The Universe will bring you someone who will truly love you for you and help take care of your soul.

When someone takes care of your soul and helps you become a better version of yourself, many things are possible for the two of you. You can manifest so many great treasures together because you are aligned spiritually with each other. You can obtain anything that you want because each of your souls are being taken care of. What’s even great about it, is that when you’re hurting they know what to do to help you get back to being yourself.

So choose a partner wisely, choose someone who you are willing to communicate your needs with and who you are willing to go to the ends of the world with. Choose someone who loves you not on just a physical level but on a spiritual level; that when they look at you, they see your true unique self. Choose someone who is willing to love you and all of your flaws but would never give up on you. – Peace and Love

Stop Giving A Shit About People Who Shit On you

I have a heart of gold. I truly do. Whenever I encounter a sob story I just want to help. When I see someone who needs an ear to listen to their issues, I will try to resolve them by giving them advice. But this just causes me to get sucked into their world.

I am sure you have certain people in your life who consistently call on you when there is an issue in their life and want someone to help them get out of it. It’s good to want to help others and try to be a good friend but where does the line cross between toxic and helpful?

If the phone calls and conversations are about what they need and how you could help them it could lead you to become affected by their problems and issues and thus, all you think about is them. When you allow others to control your thoughts with their feelings and emotions, it causes you to lose your focus and control.

I recently began talking to someone from my past who is unhappy in their marriage and wanted a release from it (not a divorce but a distraction). They wanted excitement and intrigue in their lives that obviously they weren’t getting at home. They wanted someone to connect to on a different level, where they could open up their feelings to. I was willing to be that friend who wanted to help uplift them and appreciate them for who they were but in the end I was depleting myself the sustenance that I needed to survive. I was giving all my energy to someone who was willing to take it from me but not give anything in return. And It was my fault. I was allowing this person to use me for their own personal benefit (again, mind you) and not seeing what I needed in return: respect.

So I finally decided that enough was enough and deleted the person from my life. I had to finally stop giving a shit about people who weren’t going to give a shit about me. I hit the block button and have not looked back (okay maybe a few times but I am working on it, lol).

Why allow anyone (from your past or present) to dictate your life? Why stop your life because someone needs your help? It’s good to help but not to the point that all you think about is wanting to help them. That is when it becomes toxic and allows you to move further and further away from your source energy, which is self-love.

You must love yourself more than anything in this world so you would never allow anyone to take away your energy and deplete it because of their selfishness. Stop allowing shit to happen to you and stop allowing shitty people to shit on you, lol. Remember, I am on this journey along with you and I know that loving myself and knowing my self worth is more important than trying to help a narcissist overcome their emotional mess.

Do not allow yourself to become their savior while sacrificing yourself. – Peace and Love