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Happy 50th Birthday Jennifer Lopez!

Today July 24th, 2019 marks Jennifer Lopez’s 50th birthday! I still remember her being on “In Living Color” as a “Fly Girl” and as a backup dancer for Janet Jacket. Her quick rise once “On the 6” record hit the radio waves was such a phenomenal event in the 90’s musical era. Hit after hit, you just wanted to jam in your pjs or dance in the club. I still want to dance to those jams to this day.

Not only is she still relevant today with her tour for “It’s my Party”, her role in the upcoming “Hustler’s” movie, but can we comment on how BEAUTIFUL Jenny from the block still looks? Now I know what you’re thinking: well she has the time, the money, and makeup artists and trainers…and that’s her job for crying out loud. Yes ALL of this is true, but what if I told you there was more to it than meets the eye?

What if I told you I suspect that her mindset is only of youth and sexiness? What if she uses the Law of the Attraction? Since 1999, Jlo has literally looked the same, some might even say she looks even better than before. It is not a fluke and it is not just about having trainers, money or time to maintain her physique and her overall sex appeal. Jennifer Lopez has consistently showed us that she’s FIRST and that it’s important to keep oneself feeling sexy.

There are many artists who struggle with staying relevant and feeling sex. They have the money and time but are struggling with their self image. However, JLo is still rocking rock hard abs and strutting some nice arm candy (A-Rod anyone?). Even though Jennifer Lopez has admitted that she has struggled with self image and acceptance (who hasn’t?) I think overall her mind set is full of positive energy radiating youth and sexiness. This mindset over powers any negative ones and she has maintained her glowing energy. If you don’t believe me, let’s examine some of her songs and lyrics:

  1. Jenny From the Block: Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got; I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block; Used to have a little, now I have a lot; No matter where I go, I know where I came from (from the Bronx!). – Here JLo tells us she’s still her, no matter what happens.
  2. If You Had My Love: Now if I give you me, this is how it’s got to be; First of all I won’t take your cheating on me; Tell me who can I trust if I can’t trust in you;And I refuse to let you play me for a fool – JLo does not play! She’s telling you you better treat her right and always be honest with each other.
  3. Love Don’t Cost a Thing: All that matter’s is; That you treat me right; Give me all the things I need;That money can’t buy yeah. – Stop showing off and be you. She’ll love you even if you’re a broke fool, just don’t be a fool!
  4. Ain’t Your Mama: We used to be crazy in love; Can we go back to how it was?; When did you get too comfortable?; ‘Cause I’m too good for that, I’m too good for that; Just remember that, hey. – She’s not here trying to take care of you; get your act together and be a MAN.
  5. Feelin’ So Good: When I opened up my eyes today; Felt the sun shining on my face; It became so clear to me; That everything is going my way; I feel like there’s no limit to what I can see; Got rid of my fears that were holding me; My endless possibilities; Has the whole world opened up for me; That’s why I’m feeling. – JLo baby knows her worth and she’s not allowing anything or anyone stand in her way.

I know there are numerous other songs I could possibly list but I personally enjoy these the most. Jennifer Lopez is the epitome of sexiness and she’s proved that self worth is the key ingredient to it. Do yourself a favor and take a decade or two out of JLo’s discography. I am really looking forward to see how she looks at 60 but more importantly I am looking forward to still being sexy until the day I die.

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