Being Magnetic

Manifesting Your Desires

“Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it” – George Costanza

“Any transition is easier if you believe in yourself and your talent” – Priyanka Chopra

I think one thing we consistently do is doubt our abilities and then ultimately doubt our dreams.

Where does this doubt come from? Our family upbringing? Our surroundings? Our social circle? Social Media? Wherever it comes from, it must be stopped in its tracks before it embodies our entire soul. We must self-reflect consistently and program ourselves to take our negative views of ourselves and try to appreciate the things that make us who we are. We must ignore the naysayers who tell us we can’t do something but really, we must ignore our own feelings of uncertainty.

All my life, I have programmed to think of myself as “not good enough” or that I “didn’t deserve” something because I didn’t have so and so. It’s taken me 39 years of my life to finally say enough is enough and that I deserve to acquire my dreams and that I deserve to be happy. I write to you now to let you know that you also deserve all the happiness in the world, but you must first believe in it also.

Let’s do an experiment together. Mark the date, mark the time. Now think of something small that you want. For example, a free up of coffee, green cars, yellow butterflies, etc. I will request a free cup of coffee by the end of the week. I will BELIEVE that this will happen. I will feel the sense that I have received this free cup of coffee. Now I will release that feeling into the universe. By the end of the week I will receive that free cup of coffee.

What do you want to receive in a week? Think of it, mark the date and time and TRULY believe it. Then release it. You do not need to keep thinking about what you want, you already have and you’ve felt that joy. Remember that joy. BELIEVE.


Update: (3/9/19) I just wanted to update you on my free cup of coffee.  I actually was offered a free cup from a colleague but I declined and asked for a tea instead.  Not only that, I got 2 smoothies and a meal paid for. I mean, it was after being berated by my boss.  But I received them, nevertheless, lol.

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